Welsh Indoor Rowing
Championships 2020


First and foremost – we are actual human people. We (Dan, Mike & the team) run this event through a labour of love stemmed from years of enjoyment in the sport. If you need anything at all then please get in touch via email/ phone/ text/ facebook/ carrier pigeon/ bongo drum… whatever works for you!

As we are on the topic, here is a list of questions we are often asked…


Who can enter the Welsh Indoors? Anyone. We have previously welcomed entries from as far as Russia, Spain & France. We welcome one and all.

Who can enter the Welsh SCHOOLS Indoors? Anyone of school age. State/ Grammar/ Private/ Home/ Near or Far. If you are at school then you are welcome to race.

What is the latest I can change my entry? Before close of entries, after which only if there is space in the schedule.

How do I enter the team event? Enter via the website as normal but only one person from the relay team needs to complete the entry online for the whole team


What do i need to enter a Team? 4 people, and a bit of practice. It can be done with 3... but its physically much harder to do so. In the Mixed Event it is a maximum of 2 men per Team. No Men may enter the Women's Event.

How do the Team Races Work? Its 3000m to be done on one machine, with 4 people rotating around it to get it done in the fastest possible time.

How often do we have to changeover? That's up to the Team - there are no restrictions on changeovers. We have found that those who win over the years tend to change between 11 and 20 strokes per person, but only if their changeovers are well practiced and efficient.

How many people can i have in a Team? Maximum is 4 people and NO helpers. The only people allowed on the race floor are those in the team.


What is the Race Schedule/ Running Order? We tend to follow a similar running order each year, starting in the morning with the Student 2km/ 1km, following with Adult 2km, Adaptive, Juniors, 500m Sprints, 100m Sprints, Team Relays.

When will the race schedule get published? A few days after the close of entries, usually the Saturday/ Sunday before the event. We give you as much notice as possible. We make the schedule available on the Website, Facebook group and Email it out to all competitors.

Will you publish the list of entries? We do not publish a list of named entries, but we do publish the race programme for the day. This allows to see where you are seated and who else is in your race. This is usually published on the website and emailed to all competitors approx. two days before the event.


What are the weight limits for lightweights? We follow the winter FISA weights regulations, Men 75kg and women 61.5kg are the maximum weights.

What can I wear at weigh in/ How little can I wear at weigh in? Competitors are required to wear their racing kit when they weigh in. To quote the rules of racing, World Rowing states “Lightweight rowers shall be weighed wearing only their racing uniform”.

How early can lightweights weigh in? Scales can be accessed all day, but a weight certificate can only be signed a max. of 2 hours before your first Lwt race time. We only ask Lightweights to weight in once for the day, regardless of how many events they are racing in.

Where do lightweights weigh in? We allocate a private area away from prying eyes, signposted from the registration desk, overseen by a British Rowing qualified Umpire.

What happens if I don’t make weight on the day? Lightweight competitors who do not make weight will be able to race. We will change their category into the Heavyweight event and include them in the heavyweight results where possible.


Is parking available at the venue? Yes, we have free on-site parking on a first come first served basis.

How do I get to the venue? We are based at the Channel View Leisure Centre, CF11 7HB. See the homepage for a Google map link.

Do you charge for Spectators? No. The more the merrier!

Can I bring my own food to the venue?  Yes, although there are various food options for purchase on the day inside the venue if you prefer. We DO NOT ALLOW food in the race arena itself, to ensure the area is kept clean and ready for racing.


Why am I being asked for my Bank Details to make the payment? We use GoCardless to take payments online. This is a well established and trusted company that uses your bank account to set up an one-off payment. It acts like a direct debit - but it is a one time payment. Doing it this way saves a lot in admin fees when compared to companies that take Card Payments, which helps us keep the entry fees down for all competitors.

How secure is my Data? We do not have access to your Bank Account information - this is safely stored by GoCardless using their security protocols. The only information we have is what you put on the entry form, which we keep for 1 year after the event and then delete from our server.

I can no longer compete. Can I get a refund? Entry fees are non-refundable after the closing date (See homepage for date). Withdrawals before the closing date will receive an 80% refund. Unfortunately we incur costs to process payments (both inwards and outwards) and cannot return these. Refunds will be issued within 5 working days of an email confirmation from the Welsh Indoors team.


What resistance (drag factor) does the rowing machine need to be on while racing? Each individual, or member of the Team may put the rowing machine on the resistance of their choice. Once racing starts, the drag cannot be changed. Please ask a marshall on the day for assistance.

Do you have warm up machines available? Yes. We usually have approx. 30 machines available to warm up on, located in the competitor warm up area. They are available all day at your leisure. We provide a few "extra" machines, that vary year on year. We also have an array of Spin Bikes for use by competitors, bringing the total number of warm up machines to around 50. 

Can i use my Hear Rate Monitor on the Race Machine? Yes, but it does not link to the Monitor as it would normally. The machines operate in a "race mode", and so will not link to a heart rate - a wrist watch or similar would be required instead to get instant Heart Rate readings.


Can I enter via BUCSScore? No. Entering via BUCSScore provides entry to the BUCS indoor championships. You still need to enter via www.wirc.wales to ensure your entry is in.


How can I see the results? We put the results on the website www.wirc.wales/results/, on the Facebook group and email a copy to all who participated in that year. The results are usually emailed out within a week following the event.

Do you upload your results to the C2 website? Yes. Results are formatted and handed to Concept 2 for updating on the C2 website. This is done shortly after the event.

Can i upload results to my personal C2 logbook? Yes. You are able to get your verification code immediately at the end of your race and upload to your logbook. We find it works best if you take a photo of the screen at the time to upload later on. Ask a race marshall for assistance on this on the day. We cannot give out verification codes after you have left the race arena.


Why do you use Facebook? We find that communicating via Facebook allows us to respond to queries much faster than via emails for those who use it. It also allows others to give their input should they wish to. It is a convenient place to share photos that people take on the day, and live stream for spectators unable to attend in person. We can be found here - WIRCs on Facebook

I dont use Facebook, does this mean i am excluded? Not at all. We understand that not everyone uses Facebook, and so all Race related info that gets posted on the Facebook group will always be emailed out and put on the website for easy access. We can be reached on email WelshIRC@cardiff.gov.uk and via phone on 02920353912.


How secure is my Data? We do not have access to your Bank Account information - this is safely stored by GoCardless using their security protocols. The only information we have is what you put on the entry form, which we keep for 1 year after the event and then delete from our server. All data is kept on Cardiff Council's secure network. Names and results are kept longer for reference purposes, but will be removed if you wish us to - contact the team directly on 02920353912 for this. 

What do you do with my Personal Information? We use it to create the race schedule, the layout of who is using what machine on the day and contact you about your race should we need to.