Welsh Indoor Rowing
Championships 2019


Please Submit ALL Schools Entries by Emailing WelshIRC@CARDIFF.GOV.UK


Welsh Schools Indoor Rowing Champs

Friday 23rd November 2018

Channel View Leisure Centre, Cardiff, CF11 7HB

Entry fees £5.00 Individual events.

Team events £12.00 per team (max. 4 people).


Racing takes places between 10am and 3pm (dependent on entries), so plenty of time to get to and from school. There is ample free parking, and lots of spaces for Minibuses and Coaches.

Any and all students are welcome to compete, providing they are of school age and still in attendance

Any Schools are welcome to enter, from any area/ country



Entries are to be made through the School, by emailing WelshIRC@cardiff.gov.uk.

Please note the following in regards to entries...

J11 = Yr 6 aged under 11 on Aug 31 2018,
J12 = Yr 7 aged under 12 on Aug 31 2018,
J13 = Yr 8 aged under 13 on Aug 31 2018,
J14 = Yr 9 aged under 14 on Aug 31 2018,
J15 = Yr 10 aged under 15 on Aug 31 2018,
J16 = Yr 11 aged under 16 on Aug 31 2018,
J17 = Yr 12 aged under 17 on Aug 31 2018,
J18 = Yr 13 aged under 18 on Aug 31 2018.



Entries received after this date will only be accepted if there is space - please speak to Mike or Dan on 02920353912 to confirm should you require.


Events offered this year


 Event No. Event Title  Time  Distance  School Year 
 Men's Junior 11 2mins   Year 6 
MJ12 2mins    Year7 
MJ13 3mins    Year 8 
MJ14 4mins    Year 9 
MJ15 5mins    Year 10 
MJ16   2km  Year 11
MJ17   2km  Year 12  
MJ18   2km Year 13 


Event No. Event Title Time Distance School Year
9 Women's Junior 11 2mins   Year 6
10 WJ12 2mins   Year 7
11 WJ13 3mins   Year 8
12 WJ14 4mins   Year 9
13 WJ15 5mins   Year 10
14 WJ16   2km Year 11
15 WJ17   2km Year 12
16 WJ18   2km Year 13


Event No. Event Title Time Distance School Year
17 Men's Junior team 11/12 4mins   Year 6/7
18 MJT13 4mins   Year 8
19 MJT14 4mins   Year 9
20 MJT15 4mins   Year 10
21 MJT15 4mins   Year 11
22 Women's Junior Team 11/12 4mins   Year 6/7
23 WJT13 4mins   Year 8
24 WJT14 4mins   Year 9
25 WJT15 4mins   Year 10
26 WJT16 4mins   Year 11



Schools Schedule

The schedule for the 2019 event will not be available until close of entries. However, the Welsh Schools IRC follows a similar format each year. Starting with the Year 6 Individual events, moving through years 7, 8, 9 etc and then onto the Team events from Years 7 onwards until the day ends.

For your reference and planning, download the 2018 Schedule HERE.


Schools Results

Welsh Schools IRC 2018 Results

Welsh Schools IRC 2017 Results

Welsh Schools IRC 2016 Results

Welsh Schools IRC 2015 Results

Welsh Schools IRC 2013 Results


Questions or Queries

Please note that this is a stand-alone event for those of School age, and is separate to the Saturday event. Entrants can enter both events, but are required to submit separate entries for each event. Entrants represent their schools for the Friday event, regardless of other club affiliations. We are happy to accept entries from those of School age who are studying from home or at alternative institutions.


Schools (Friday) Terms and Conditions 


For anything you need, please get in touch with Mike or Dan on 02920353912, or email WelshIRC@cardiff.gov.uk