Welsh Indoor Rowing
Championships 2018


Fill in the short form below to sign up for the 2018 Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships.

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(Just so you know, when taking entry fees we use GoCardless. This is a well trusted payment portal, which sets up a direct payment and takes out funds 3 - 5 days later. It requires you to put in your bank account number and sort code, and then will come out of your bank as a one-off-payment. We started using this in 2015, and have only had positive responses thus far. Please find FAQs on using Go Cardless here.)

NOTE - in 2017, some people received many emails confirming payment taken. They were only charged ONCE, but the email had a glitch causing multiple sendings. We have reviewed and are happy that your info is safe. We have chosen to continue using the GoCardless payment portal.


Call HQ on 02920353912 if you need any help. Please start below with the first person...

Registrant info


  • 2ks and 500m are for ages 16+
  • 100m are for any age, but there are only 2 categories for racing
  • We do not have weight categories for the 100m sprints
  • Junior events have their own age restrictions
  • Photos will be taken throughout this event for promotional purposes. If you do not want to be included, then please make yourself known on the day at registration
2000m Men
2000m LWT Men
2000m Women
2000m LWT Women
Student fresher 1000m
500m sprint
100m sprint
Team 3000m
Adaptive 1000m

Team info

  • Only one entry per team is needed
  • Women can participate in the Mens event if desired
  • Men CANNOT enter Womens events¬†under any circumstances
  • The mixed event is limited to a maximum of 2 men